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Buy Gotti backpackboyz online, review under the influences of this strain and would be surprised if we manage to describe the 🔥of this strain but we will  try do it some justice💚I found this beautifully designed pack and was hooked instantly. As a long time fan of the cinematic gangster world,

we  mesmerized by the name and retro newspaper like design of the packaging shining off the pack 💯I opened the packaging and put my nose to the pack… and I was slapped back with the most amazing citrusy terps to ever grace my nasal senses. The smell is very citrusy OG doninant with a very sweet hint of gelato…

Moreso,This smells fucking amazing!!!👃💨 I took a nug out and found this gorgeous bit of flower staring back at me. The light green bud covered in keif, mixed in with orange hairs and some purple leaves just steals the show. I couldn’t draw a bud of og out better myself.💯💯 I started, excitingly, rolling my joint and once I put it to my mouth and sparked… I was blown away with the beautiful taste.Buy Gotti backpackboyz online

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The dominance is definitely citrus OG and it is oh so tasty, the kimber hits your taste senses strong and the gelato sneaks in after to give you the sweetest aftertaste. It’s brilliant!! 😋😋🤤🤤 Now let me warn you about the high…. this beautiful looking, smelling and tasting bud will absoloutly double flip smack you across your brain and take you to melted city.

Buy Gotti backpackboyz online,This is definitely not a morning strain and you need to be close to couch to toke on this. It wraps your brain with this warm hug and then sneaks it’s way through your muscles to just completely relax you. 🤪🤯🤤 Honestly… this is one of the top 5 flowers I have ever tried in my life and is doing well fighting for the top spot. If you see some..grab some…you will not regret it!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 absoloutly great job by backpackboyz_no41510Happy puffin peeps 💨🤜🤛.

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